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This genetic one of a kind Rose has been named to forever Honor and Remember the 9/11 Heroes of United Airlines Flight 93.

On September 11, 2001, forty brave men and women fought back against their terrorist hijackers. They realized that their plane was going to be used as a flying bomb. They decided to do what they could to save the lives of others on the ground. With their decision to fight back, they gave their lives to save others, thus making the ultimate sacrifice, and becoming Heroes.

In order to help honor and remember the forty Heroes of Flight 93, and to also collect donations to help build the Flight 93 National Memorial, we decided to get a genetic one-of-kind hybrid tea rose donated and named for the Heroes.

Michael L. Emerson, a member of the Flight 93 National Campaign Steering Committee, contacted rose breeders all over the United States. Finally after many months of searching, Michael found Ben Williams, of J. B. Williams & Associates located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Ben was honored to be able to hybridize this rose for the Heroes of Flight 93.

Once the Rose had been hybridized, the three nurseries listed below joined our cause to propagate and grow thousands of the Flight 93 Rose bushes.

For each Rose bush sold, $5.00 will be donated, directly from the nurseries to help build the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The price of the Flight 93 Rose bush you buy from any of the three nurseries already includes the $5.00 donation.
Michael L. Emerson is the administrator for the Roses.

It is our hope and wish that every home owner, rose garden, rose society, gardener, business, landscaper, community park and gardens, etc... will all purchase a few of these Rose bushes, to remember and honor the Heroes of Flight 93 and to help us to build the Flight 93 National Memorial.

This is a genetic one of a kind rose.
Dark red color with a white stripe on the inside of the petals.
The parents of the Rose are "Mister Lincoln & Chrysler Imperial."
The rose is registered with the American Rose Society/International Cultivar Registration Authority for Roses, as: "Wilflt93" / The 9/11 Flight 93 Rose

We recommend you place your ORDER NOW for the Rose bushes you want. Since The 9/11 Flight 93 Rose will have a limited number available.



To Support our effort and purchase Rose Bushes please contact the following Nursery directly:


Roses Unlimited

Pat Henry & Bill Patterson
363 North Deerwood Drive
Laurens, South Carolina 29360
Web site:


For any questions or comments, please contact the Founder and Administrator of "The 9/11 Flight 93 Rose":
Michael L. Emerson, Flight 93 Rose Administrator
2715 Christopher Court
Hayward Hills, California 94541-3179

Michael L. Emerson

We want to send out a Special thank you to the company who hybridized this one of a kind Rose:
J.B. Williams & Associates
Ben Williams
2800 Elnora Street
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

Web site:
J. B. Williams & Associates

We want to say thank you to the company who is supplying us with our custom made Flight 93 Rose name stakes:
Harlane Garden Labels
Wendy Tilley
6794 Woodstock Road
Acworth, Georgia 30102

Web site:

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Michael L. Emerson, Rose Administrator

The 9/11 Flight 93 Rose


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